Category: amigurumi

Hello! I got a new set up for my plushies! Welcome our favorite electric mouse Pikachu!

Welcome this little Batty!

Welcome baby Cthulhu! Here to bring in October!

Welcome Forest Jelly!

Welcome Mini Jelly’s! Please DM if your are interested in these guys!

Welcome Starfish Jelly!

This one has been way over due. The Merc with the Mouth is one of my favorite Marvel characters and we need a 3rd movie! Please message me if you would like to take this bad boy home. Thanks!

Hello! I just had to make a little Detective Pikachu. Who else is excited for this movie?! Also if you are interested in purchasing The Detective please message me. Thanks!

Hello! Please welcome The Jelly King! I wanted to make something different for the Summer months ahead. Look out for more coming in the future. Message me if you are interested in purchasing The Jelly King. Thanks!

Wakanda Forever! DM if your interested in this little guy.