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Welcome Baby Yoda (The Child) Voodoo Doll!

Welcome Deadpool Voodoo Doll! DM me if you would like to get this little guy. Thanks!

Welcome my Heartless Voodoo Doll! DM me if you would be interested in getting one for your Valentine!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make this post to show everyone that these plushies and keychains are on sale. These prices don’t include shipping, but its $5 for the plushies and $3 for the keychains US only. I also do custom orders. Please DM me if you are interested in one of my creations! Thanks so much!

Welcome Baby Yoda!

Welcome Elsa the Ice Queen!

Welcome Jack the Pumpkin King!

Welcome Eeyore!

Welcome this little baby Iron Man!

Wakanda Forever! DM if your interested in this little guy.