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Some more Sushi Keychains!

I made some Sushi keychains!

Hello I have been working on some more keychains! Welcome this little Avocado! If you would like one of these babies, please DM. Thanks!

Hello! My passion has always been knitting, crocheting, as well as other types of crafting. My goal is to attend more Farmers Markets and conventions, but I need your help with getting started. With this Kofi, I am hoping to be able to get the equipment I need. What I am offering for donations are my jellies! – 2 coffees ($6) keychain jellies – 3 coffees ($9) 2 keychain jellies – 4 coffees ($12) Ko-Fi jelly – 5 coffees ($15) Custom jelly All shipping is covered (US only) Here is a link to my Ko-Fi:

Welcome Mini Jelly’s! Please DM if your are interested in these guys!