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Welcome Mimikyu! Give some love to the ghosty; disguise as Pikachu.

Hello! I got a new set up for my plushies! Welcome our favorite electric mouse Pikachu!

Welcome Charizard!

Welcome Pikapool! If you didn’t know this was a thing you do now. If you need this little bad boy in your life message me. Thanks so much everyone!

Hello! I just had to make a little Detective Pikachu. Who else is excited for this movie?! Also if you are interested in purchasing The Detective please message me. Thanks!

I wish all Sea Cucumbers looked like Pyukumuku!

One of the prettiest Pokémon Sylveon!

Fall is here! Too help welcome fall; I would like to present Autumn Bulbasaur!

Hello everyone and welcome the little sapling Bulbasaur!